Having now been ‘in property’ for just over 2 years, I’ve found that the hardest thing has been to remain focused on one course of action and not get distracted by lots of ‘shiny pennies’! It’s amazing how many people are making lots of money in so many different property strategies such as HMO’s (houses of multiple occupation), serviced accommodation, and commercial to residential conversions etc., to name just a few! I have now realised that if I am to stand any chance of keeping my focus then I need to be laser clear about what my vision and purpose is. And then follow that course of action until successful. Then systemise it so that it only requires a minimum amount of my time. And it’s only then that you can look into doing something else, also aligned with your vision and purpose, to bring you multiple streams of income.

People ask me a lot about how to find their vision & purpose. They often get stuck thinking they don’t have one, or that they can’t monetise what they think they love the most. Here are some ways to think about & discover yours:

  1. What could you do all day that doesn’t ‘feel’ like work [most of the time]?
    2. What challenges & hardships are you prepared to endure? What stresses do you see as a challenge rather than a difficulty?
    3. What do you feel totally in flow doing & feel like time flies?
    4. In what areas do you love helping people & solving problems?
    5. What do you feel you are truly good at, better than many others, and/or could become great at?
    6. What do you already spend a lot of your time doing & thinking about, regardless of monetisation?
    7. What causes bigger than you could you see yourself being involved in, or what mission/education do you want to share?

Once you write down the answers to these questions then I have no doubt that your vision and purpose will become much clearer.

Have a think & if you want any help please ask